Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Welcome to the World of Illegal Crafting

Hello everyone (ok, so there really isn't an "everyone" out there yet, and there may only be a single someone, but you have to start somewhere, right?).  Welcome to my blog. I am a complete newbie when it comes to blogging, so there are going to be some stumbles along the way. Hopefully this experience will be fun for all of us and we'll find ourselves laughing with each other (of course, feel free to just laugh at me, too... I do it all time).

I'm starting this blog because I've rediscovered my love of paper-crafting and after many hours perusing the internet, I felt like all of the scrapbooking and crafting blogs were written by domestic goddesses and that's just not me. I am a full-time attorney with a husband, a toddler, and 3 dogs (I challenge you to figure out which one takes the most work- LOL!). I make cupcakes with mix from the box, hurry into stores 5 minutes before they close, and make a valiant effort to overlook the fuzz bunnies playing in the corner of my living room until they start hopping towards me with sharp pointy teeth. My husband will find multiple-day leftovers in the fridge and my response is, "Does it smell yet? Is it slimy? No? Then by all means, have it for dinner!"

Although my alter-ego would love to be a domestic goddess, I really love my job - really really love it. The incredibly nerdy side of me revels in the kind of work I do. And unfortunately, cute handmade cards adorned with ribbons, glitter and pithy quotes aren't taken seriously in the courtroom.

As a result, I'm a closet craft-a-holic and an open work-a-holic and I wanted a blog that I could relate to.

Don't get me wrong, there are some AMAZING websites, chat rooms and blogs out there with really fantastic content. I'm just not sure I'll live up those kind of standards. Instead, my goal with this blog is to help you find quick and easy ways of doing things, share some of the knowledge I've gained through compulsive researching, shopping and testing (it's really quite an unhealthy obsession for me) and give you some shortcuts.

So, welcome aboard - it's going to be a wild ride (or at least I hope so!).

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